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Friends of the Bend Libraries

We incorporated as a non-profit in 1980, believing then, as we do now, that a strong library is a cultural and economic asset to the entire Bend community. The FOBL is an all-volunteer organization, with 100% of our project funding used to improve the literacy and library services offered to the people of Bend.


We contributed to the construction of the Downtown Branch (built in 1999) and provided funding for the East Branch (opened in 2011), along with assisting in the passage of the bond measure which created the DPL District. To raise these donations, our volunteers hold quarterly book sales, operate a small gift/used bookstore (called The Friendshop), and encourage support through yearly memberships.

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E-Book Update

Thanks to the advocacy of many people including our members, there is now only one publisher who will not make e-books available for purchase by Libraries. We anticipate this last publisher will allow purchases in the near future.

However, if you have you tried checking out an e-Book lately and you still can't find it on the Library site, it isn't because the DPL overlooked it. The e-Book or audio book isn't there because the DPL was unable to purchase it.

The DPL and groups like the American Library Association are still meeting with the largest publishers and advocating for fair access to e-Books for libraries.

What can you do about this? The FOBL encourages you to visit the following DPL website for information on how you can advocate to publishers that they provide the DPL access to ALL e-Books.

You can also view the American Library Association's "Ebooks & Digital Content" ( for more information about the largest publishers, some of the authors they represent, and whether or not they sell eBooks to libraries.

Deschutes Public Library in Bend, Oregon


  • Provided furniture and shelving for the 2011 Opening of the East Branch's Children's Department ($38,000).
  • Provided new leather chairs for Downtown Teen Department in 2011 ($1,000).
  • Installed and stocked new Self-Serve Book Sale Shelves at the East Branch ($1,200).
  • Annual sponsorship of Novel Idea Community Read Program, $2000 (2013).
  • Annual Contribution to District-Wide Library Materials Budget ($12,000 for 2011 & $16,440 for 2012 and $12,000 for 2013).
  • Annual sponsorship of the Summer Reading Program for both Bend Branches: Teen and Adult, $8000 for 2013.
  • Book page subscriptions $1000 for 2013.
  • Decorative Window paintings in Children's Section $800 in 2013.
  • Recognition and Support for Friends and Friendshop Volunteers and Library Staff $1200 for 2013.
These goals were met due to the volunteer labor of our membership, working on many fundraising events. Their efforts are very much appreciated!

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